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What type of runner/cyclist are you? Mr Happy, Mr Grumpy or Mr Nosey?


I’ve been running and road cycling now for 10 months and love it, as I write my legs are aching from yesterday’s ride and that’s my way of knowing I’ve done my bit.

What I’ve found though is that there tend to be three main types of runner or cyclist you meet on the roads:

Mr Happy – will smile, nod and will probably speak to you if overtaking on a bike or being overtaken.


Mr Grumpy – will often be blasting through a set training plan and will be too busy to nod and appear to be quite miserable.

Mr Nosey – the runner or cyclist who seems intent on glaring at you, looking at your gear etc but with no intention of engaging you in any way!


Now I am not saying that either of the above three is right or indeed wrong. Being honest I’ve been a blend of all three when in out there depending on how focused a session I’m having and whether things are gong well or not so well. I do tend to class myself as Mr Happy though generally 🙂

I think its important to make the effort though, sometimes, and to realize if your glaring or being grumpy; when a simple nod could return the effort the person your passing may be making; and if not then you can glare 😉

Whatever you do though just enjoy it and if you get your enjoyment from lung shattering total focus sessions then good on you at least your out there doing something positive. At the end of the day were all trying to be better versions of ourselves out there, but don’t forget, try to smile once in a while!

Thanks for reading.

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7 thoughts on “What type of runner/cyclist are you? Mr Happy, Mr Grumpy or Mr Nosey?

  1. Definitely Mr. Happy. I crack jokes in the group rides (I passed a cat. 2 guy the other day and said on the way by, “not going to get this opportunity again so I’m taking advantage now!”

    I wave at everybody, unless I’m too hard on the gas and miss someone… Truth is, I’m just truly just happy to be on my bike so I spread the wealth.


  2. Ms. Happy 🙂


  3. You’re being very generous suggesting there’s no right or wrong way to be 😉

    A nod and a smile is the bare minimum in my books!


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